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Version 5.x.x – Montseny

What’s new

  • New custom fields: Date, YesOrNo, Location, MinStock
  • Multiple Barcode fields
  • Print barcodes
  • Min stock alert
  • Possibility to store images in the cloud
  • Sort&Filter data to export
  • Print exported files
  • Admin section for managing licenses
  • Expiration date

Important if you already have shared inventories

The new app stores 'Shared' inventories on new servers, thus your inventories are not currently in-sync

You will need to re-sync the inventories with your team members

To do that, only one team member will need to do the following procedure:

1. Make sure that everybody in the team has the new app - version > 5.0. The version can be found 'Settings'
2. Make sure that everybody has the SYNC license
3. Everybody needs to re-authenticate
4. Long tap on an inventory -> Share -> add all the users
5. Remove the duplicate inventory that is not shared (in case there is any)

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