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Stock management vs. Stock taking

Stock management

Stock management – add day by day entries into your inventory:

  1. INputs
  2. OUTputs
  3. MOVEments between locations

These entries drive to final stocks for each product (overall or by locations).

Another specific element for stock management is using the price field for each entry (this is optional, only if fits to your need).

Also you have a history list where each entry is marked intuitively depending on its type.

Take stock

Take stock it’s about counting physical inventory and comparing counted quantities vs. book quantities. These are  “time to time” operations.

Among specific features / fields you can find:

  • Book quantities
  • Varations (Counted quantities vs. Book quantities)
  • Built in calculator

There are two use cases for take stock:

  1. Free Take stock:
    • There is no connection between Take stock and Stock management
  2. Take stock from Stock management:
    • Products list and book quantities are taken over from an existing Stock management inventory (see how to)

Stock management

Take stock




Product name




Custom Fields


Book Quantity

Built in calculator

Current stock






Entries types



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