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Free vs Premium vs Sync

FREE PREMIUM – 49€ excl. VAT SYNC – 5.99€/device/mo excl. VAT
Stock management
Take stock
Unlimited inventories Limited to 3 Shared inventories
Unlimited products Limited to 5000 products per inventory
Unlimited transactions Limited to 50k transactions per inventory
Import products list
Barcode reader / QR Code reader
Backup & Restore locally
Backup & Restore on CLOUD
Export data to Excel file
NFC tag reader
External barcode scanner
Expiration date
Minimum stock
Entry images field
Multiple user synchronization


- It is a one-time payment. Pay it once, use it anytime


- It is a recurring monthly/yearly payment
- Subject so some limitations: 3 shared inventories, 5000 products / shared inventory, 50k transactions / shared inventory.
This limit will increase over time
- every user that wants to have access to a 'Shared inventory' needs the SYNC license
- the license is limited to ONE device per account

Premium & Sync

Purchased licenses are owned by your Google user account. More specifically, the account that was authenticated to Google Play at the time the license was purchased.

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