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New feature request

What should we develop next? Please vote for the ones you need the most
You can also send us new ideas at [email protected]

Auto backup – Allow to select the frequency   

At the moment, we perform one daily backup. Either on the device or in the cloud.
This will allow you to choose how often the backups should be performed

Reports and charts   

We are still thinking about which approach would bring the most value

1. Either in-app reports and charts

2. or another sheet in the exported file that contains different reports&charts

3. A periodic email

Example report: Cost of Goods Sold

Label products by printing barcodes with a thermal printer   

This will provide the ability to have a Bluetooth-connected mobile thermal printer that can be carried around inside the warehouse to label the products.
A label sticker would contain the following fields:
– Product name
– Barcode image and number
– Quantity at a specific date
You will be able to select the fields to be added to the label

Scan location from a barcode -> Display the location name   

At the moment, we allow you to scan locations from barcodes.
However, the location name and location barcode fields are not separate.
This feature would separate the two fields (Location name and location barcode) and would allow you to choose which one to display

Filter products by custom fields   

Example: Display only products from a specific brand. Or products of a specific color

Auto export to Microsoft OneDrive   

Currently, you can activate auto export to your Google Drive as described here.
This would export inventories from time to time to your One Drive.

Auto export to Dropbox   

Currently, you can activate auto export to your Google Drive as described here.
This would export inventories from time to time to your Dropbox account.

Integrate external barcode scanner via SPP communication   

Currently, an external barcode scanner can be connected to the app. The display screen must be on while scanning.
This feature will speed up the communication between the scanner and the app and allow you to scan the products while your device is on standby.

User Role Permissions Editor   

We currently have 3 user roles as described here
This would allow you to change the predefined permissions.
For example, the ‘team member’ is currently not allowed to add locations. You could change this and allow the ‘team member’ to add locations

Integrate the Mobile Inventory app with your ERP   

We are considering integrating our app with different ERPs. Please fill in the form at the end of this page to let us know which ERP you use and how useful it would be for you to have this integration.


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