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5.3 Montseny – p12

  • From the ‘Custom fields’ section you can now set a min stock value for the whole inventory. This value applies to all the products. You will be notified when the stock drops under this value.
  • Expiration date alert days before product expire. Receive a notification X days before products expire. You can set this X at an inventory level (from custom fields) or at a product level (from product details)
Display images in the product list   

This would allow displaying the product image in the product list without the need to open the details screen The image will be displayed in full screen when clicking on it


5.3 Montseny – p11

Custom field – Dropdownlist of items   

Similar to tags. This new custom field will allow you to select a value from a predefined list. The list is defined when adding the field in the custom fields section.


5.3 Montseny – p8


5.3 Montseny

Important if you already have shared inventories

The new app stores 'Shared' inventories on new servers, thus your inventories are not currently in-sync

You will need to re-sync the inventories with your team members

To do that, only one team member will need to do the following procedure:

1. Make sure that everybody in the team has the new app - version > 5.0. The version can be found 'Settings'
2. Make sure that everybody has the SYNC license
3. Everybody needs to re-authenticate
4. Long tap on an inventory -> Share -> add all the users
5. Remove the duplicate inventory that is not shared (in case there is any)

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